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BUDERUS iCompact

With a footprint of just 11.5 m², the iCompact combines modern design, the most efficient technologies for hard finishing and robust construction. The compactness of the iCompact is also based on an integrated coolant treatment system. This enables a closed coolant circuit without the need to expand the footprint.

By connecting the iCompact to DVS Connect, you have the possibility to monitor your machine data in the process flow at any time. With "DVS CleanTech®" you protect the environment and your resources in the long term.

Highly efficient combined machining

BUDERUS BV 235: Highly efficient combined machining

Highlights of iCompact


  • Camera for part recognition can be integrated
  • Modular automation concept
  • Complete machining at reduced piece costs
  • Integrated fast charging system
  • Completely integrated lubricant cleaning system
  • Separate screen for measured value display of the PP measuring station

Download the brochure of the iCompact at Downloads.


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