DVS Group

Repair & Maintenance


Our skilled personnel are at your service for scheduled as well as unscheduled repair work. As a rule the following types of work are required:

  • Repair of defective parts
    If the condition of the parts allows, we rebuild present parts in consideration of technical and commercial aspects.
  • Replacement of parts subject to wear.
    Customers can replace simple wear parts themselves. If required, our customer service technicians are also available for such work according to agreement.
  • Installation of replacement parts
    In most cases, more specialized knowledge is required for replacing major parts than for simple wear parts. Keeping this in mind, we recommend having our skilled personnel replace such parts.


For our customers this means that repair and maintenance work on the machines is accomplished quickly with professional know-how by our service technicians.


As is well known, regular maintenance maintains the service life of any product. It is the prerequisite for long service life and availability without undesired production down times. For this reason we recommend that our customers perform regular maintenance on the machines themselves or have our personnel carry out such work.
We will be glad to work out a maintenance and service plan in advance to meet the specific requirements of your machines.

Remote diagnosis

Remote diagnosis can be performed preferably via the telephone line. This can significantly reduce down times.

In over 30% of all cases, this eliminates the necessity of sending a technician to your facilities, thus reducing costs.