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CNC 235

Mehr Möglichkeiten

Unter Berücksichtigung aller Module innerhalb der DVS-Gruppe sind allerdings weit mehr Möglichkeiten denkbar und in die Maschine integrierbar.

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  • Flexible combination of processes possible

  • Machine bed optionally available in natural granite

product image

machine concept

CNC 235 I-8TR
CNC 235 I-A-8TR

machine description


CNC 235 Hard machining center The CNC 235 vertical hard machining center with vertical workpiece spindle can be used as a single purpose machine for

  • Internal grinding
  • External grinding
  • Hard turning

Moreover, these processes can be combined with one another as well as supplemented with other technologies. In addition to sequential machining, the machine can also be equipped for simultaneous machining, i.e. external and internal grinding at the same time. Use of a consistent module design also allows the possibility of equipping the machine with two main spindles, i.e. two workpieces can be machined simultaneously or the front and back can be machined at the same time. This machine also forms the basis for the CNC 235 G female thread machining tool.



Technical Data

CNC 235
CNC 235 DH
Workpiece spindles
Max. workpiece diameter
Max. workpiece length
Max. number of machining stations
* standard

building set

The module system starts with the machine bed.
The following sizes are available: 1,200 mm, 1,800 mm, 2,400 mm and 3,000 mm.
This results in small compact machines with only one machining station
right up to simultaneous machines with two main spindles,
which are then larger, but nevertheless still compact
in consideration of the possibilities offered.

Naturally, in addition to welded designs, Buderus also offers the machine bed in natural granite.

We offer standard machining and handling modules for

Internal grinding
Internal grinding spindle
External grinding
External grinding spindle
Measuring probe

Additional data

Simultaneous grinding with CNC 235
Buderus has specialized in simultaneous grinding for more than 20 years. On the CNC 235, it is possible to use one additional X axis and one additional Z axis to simultaneously perform external and internal grinding operations.
This shortens the main time by the machining time for the shortest grinding operation.


CNC 235 DH with two main spindles One control, one conveyor belt, one machine bed, one chip conveyor and one housing suffice for two main spindles. So why not integrate two machines in one? This allows twice as many parts to be produced in the same time or makes two-sided machining possible.




Simultaneous grinding CNC 235
Simultaneous slides - Fig.1
Simultaneous grinding CNC 235 (2)
Simultaneous slides - Fig. 2
Two main spindles CNC 235 DH

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