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CNC 635 G


  • High precision machining of special profiles possible
  • Alternatively with female thread grinding unit 
  • Relief grinding motion with X axis
  • Complete machine bed in natural granite

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machine concept

CNC 635 G
CNC 635 G

machine description

CNC 635 G Male thread grinding machine In addition to metric, Whitworth, trapezoidal threads and special profiles, the CNC 635 G also allows grinding of worm gears with shapes ZK, ZN, ZE and ZA with one or multiple starts. The cylinder correction can be programmed with the control. The pitch can also be programmed variably over the thread length. The machine can be supplemented with a female thread grinding unit with high frequency grinding spindle. The tools are profiled by means of plunge cut dressing on a profile roller or path control via the machine axes on a universal diamond roller.



Technical Data

CNC 635 G
max. workpiece diameter
Distance between centers
620 - 6000
Pitch angle
30° right and 90° left
up to 12
* standard

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