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BUDERUS ML 235 Hard-fine machining centre

– Higher precision, lower costs.

BUDERUS BV 235 Hard-fine machining centre


  • Complete machining with reduced unit costs
  • Freely configurable work chamber for combined hard-fine or simultaneous machining
  • Integrated bore honing for maximum surface requirements
  • Optimised accessibility for simple tool changing and easy cleaning
  • Modular automation concept – compatible for series production
  • Automation cell expandable by measuring, marking and cleaning stations
  • Compact & adaptive machine design

Highly efficient combined machining

BUDERUS BV 235: Highly efficient combined machining

BUDERUS Schleiftechnik recognised the advantages of combined machining many years ago and continually advanced development in this field. The work chambers of the resulting modular platforms can be freely configured with the aim of carrying out as many machining processes as possible in a single clamping.

BUDERUS solves complex tasks such as gear wheels from passenger car gearboxes, the functional surfaces of which have to be machined to precise dimensions as quickly as possible, using the modular principle. Thus external and internal grinding can take place simultaneously. The front and rear faces are turned and, if necessary, the bore hole can also be honed in the same clamping.


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